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Pennsylvania DUI Second Offense

If you have been arrested and convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in the State of Pennsylvania and are now facing another drunk-driving charge, you should immediately contact our defense firm for representation. Penalties for a DUI are serious enough for a first offense, and they only get worse with a second offense. Make sure your rights are protected by choosing a DUI defense attorney who is experienced, highly trained and has a proven track record of winning results.

Since you’ve already faced the penalties of a first offense DUI, you’re probably wondering just how bad it will get if you have another conviction on your record. Before going into detail about the penalties, it’s important to understand that you haven’t been convicted yet. The right attorney can find weaknesses in the prosecution’s claims and portray you in your best light. With so many things that can go wrong (from inaccurate blood alcohol content (BAC) test results to a lack of proper police protocol) there are numerous ways that an experienced DUI defense attorney can poke holes in the prosecution’s case to strengthen your defense. 

If your BAC was at or over the legal limit of .08% but was under .10% and you are convicted of a second offense DUI, the minimum jail sentence is five days but could be up to 6 months. You face a fine between $300 and $2500 and you will be required to attend Highway and Safety classes and a full drug and alcohol treatment assessment.  You will also lose your license for 12 months and following reinstatement of your license, you will have to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle(s) for 1 year.

For those with a BAC between .10% and just under .16%, the minimum jail sentence increases to 30 days. In this case, the minimum fine is $750 but will not exceed $5,000. Again, you will face a 12-month license suspension, 1 year on the ignition interlock device, Highway and Safety classes and a full alcohol and drug treatment assessment.

A BAC over .16% will require a minimum jail sentence of 90 days; however, it could be up to 5 years! The minimum fine is $1500 and your license suspension will increase to 18 months followed by 1 year on the ignition interlock device.  You will also be required to attend Highway Safety classes and a full alcohol and drug treatment assessment.

If you are currently facing DUI charges in Pennsylvania, please contact Mr. Jones today. After a drunk-driving arrest, you have only a limited amount of time during which you can appeal your automatic license suspension. Mr. Jones’s team of lawyers can help you contest the loss of your driving privileges and begin preparing a defense for your criminal case.

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